Chivalry in dating

So there is clearly not equal pay in the White House, when it comes to her and me,” the President said to the invitation-only audience gathered in Charlotte.

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You receive the graces of her holy presence, of course!

You will notice that there is never any mention in any of these feminist rantings about what women are obligated to do on these dates other than being there and not looking like shit. My guy does this now, and while he’s yet to save me from a barreling bus or a wave disguised as a puddle, it’s nice to know he would.

Raised as one of three daughters, it was always without question that I would attend college and pursue a fulfilling career…

But, I value and appreciate true gentlemen because it subtly reveals a more caring, sensitive and genuine side that most males are not willing to broadcast or expose…

If she had a bigger paycheck, then that made us able to pay the bills,” Obama said.