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These stars included Mitch Hedburg, Demetri Martin, B. Novak from The Office, Darrell Hammond, Daniel Tosh, and Ron White.

Simply landing the gig on Premium Blend put Cook in good company, but his success on the show allowed him to net his own half-hour Comedy Central special just two years later, in 2000.

First, both of his parents died within a year of each other.

Soon after burying them, Cook discovered that his half-brother Darryl, who had worked for years as his manager, had stolen millions of dollars from him. Amidst losing so much of his family so quickly, Cook had to deal with a massive backlash from brigades that he refers to as “haters.” Cook has suggested that any time somebody experiences a meteoric rise in fame, a lot of people are bound to feel angry or jealous about their success.

This was just the beginning of his business relationship with Comedy Central however.

His first comedy album, , has sold over a million copies in the United States alone and continues to be one of the most popular comedy albums of the new millennium.

Cook wanted more than his supporting cast and fair-weather audiences could offer him.